Fremont Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

Hospital emergency rooms can be extremely hectic places and are not always fully staffed. As a result, health care providers who work in these busy environments may be more likely to make mistakes than those working in other areas or fields.

Serious emergency room errors can have equally serious consequences, resulting in pain and suffering for many years to come. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries as a result of an emergency room error, consider speaking to a compassionate attorney about your situation. A Fremont emergency room errors lawyer could review your injury and determine whether or not you have a case for receiving legal compensation.

Types of Emergency Room Errors

Healthcare professionals who work in an emergency room must often make split-second decisions about how best to care for a patient. In the process, they can make mistakes which have costly medical consequences for patients.

Some of the most common emergency room errors Fremont emergency room errors attorneys see that result in civil claims include:

  • Improper patient diagnosis – where the health care provider fails to properly diagnose a patient, renders an incorrect medical diagnosis, fails to appreciate a patient’s symptoms, or fails to order diagnostic tests for the patient
  • Delaying medical treatment – where health care providers fail to properly triage or prioritize patients, resulting in a minor medical condition becoming significantly worse
  • Medication errors – where an emergency room physician prescribes the incorrect medication for a patient or misdiagnoses a patient’s medical condition, often because of a misdiagnosis or communication error
  • Errors in emergency room laboratories – where laboratory equipment malfunctions or where testing results are misplaced or accidently switched with those of another patient
  • Premature discharge – where an emergency room physician discharges a patient too early without leaving sufficient time for observation, or where an emergency room doctor fails to follow up with a patient after an ER visit
  • Unsanitary conditions – where the emergency room facility or equipment used in the emergency room is not properly sanitized or sterilized

Malpractice Standard of Care

Emergency room health care providers must abide by a standard of care when treating their patients. Due to the fast-paced nature of an emergency room, however, healthcare providers who work there are usually not subject to the same standard of care as a specialist or other medical provider. Rather, in the emergency room setting, health care providers must practice in a prudent and reasonable manner.

When the evidence shows that an emergency room health care provider failed to abide by this standard of care, the injured patient may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the healthcare provider. Moreover, they may be able to take legal action against the hospital itself.

With assistance from a Fremont emergency room errors lawyer, injured patients may be able to recover monetary compensation for all the injuries and damages which they suffered. Those damages could include payment of all related medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, disability damages, and compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Call a Fremont Emergency Room Errors Attorney Today

Emergency room errors occur every day, but that does not mean that those who suffer from them have no way of obtaining justice. If you suffered injuries as a result of medical negligence in the ER, a Fremont emergency room errors lawyer may be able to file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf. Call today to see what options may be available to you.


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