A Deer Runs In Front Of My Car And I Hit It. Who Pays For My Car?

As fall approaches, the Ohio car accident lawyers in our office are often asked questions having to do with striking deer, since our area has such an abundant population of the animals.

I can guarantee you that if you hit a deer, paying for the damage to your car is not going to be the responsibility of the deer, the farmer whose land the deer came from, or the State for failing to regulate the deer population. Even if the deer comes out of nowhere, unfortunately the accident is going to fall on your shoulders.

Since it is impossible to bring a claim against a deer, it is going to come down to what type of insurance you have.  No insurance, no coverage.  If you have “comprehensive coverage”, it will help pay for damage to your vehicle caused by the impact with the animal.  Generally, your insurance rates will not affected by filing the claim.

That is why it is very important to think about factors like the type of environment in which you live before buying insurance coverage. In this instance, if you know that there is a high likelihood that you could hit one of the many deer that reside near your home or work, then it’s a good idea to purchase coverage accordingly.

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