Motorist Injured in Side-Impact Collision Sues for More Than $25,000

In December of 2016, our client was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in permanent injuries. While driving on Dorr Street in Toledo, Ohio, our client was broadsided by another motorist. The other driver failed to yield the right of way while attempting to make a left turn on a flashing red light signal.

The impact of the collision caused injuries to our client’s head, neck, and back. These injuries prevented our client from working and caused great pain and suffering. The permanent nature of these injuries will require future medical care and costs.

The hardworking attorneys of Charles Boyk Law advocated tirelessly on behalf of with our client. We filed two claims to seek just compensation for our client. The first claim was a negligence claim against the other negligent driver. The second claim was an underinsured claim against our client’s insurance company, State Farm. We are seeking an amount in excess of $25,000. It is our hope that this compensation will provide some relief to our client after this negligent act.