Motorist Injured After Hit and Run Sues

While traveling on West Sylvania Road in Ohio, our client was involved in a hit and run side-impact collision. While driving, she was struck on the passenger side and before the police could be called the other driver fled the scene.

As a result of the collision, our client sustained injuries to her head, neck, and back. These injuries resulted in substantial medical expenses. As these injuries are permanent in nature, they will also require future medical treatment and expenses. Our client’s injuries were only made worse by the other driver’s departure from the scene to elude justice.

The dedicated lawyers at Charles Boyk Law and our client worked together to pursue a lawsuit on claims of negligence and for punitive damages.

Additionally, we are pursuing an uninsured claim against our client’s insurance, State Farm. Through this claim, we hope to ensure that she receives the best possible compensation for her suffering.

We hope that these compensatory and punitive damages will allow our client to get her life back on track after this tragic event.

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