Man Injured by Roll-Over Accident Sues

One of our clients was driving on Telegraph Road in Toledo, Ohio when his vehicle was struck by another vehicle. This collision jolted our client’s car causing it into a roll over on the road.

After medical response arrived at the scene, our client was rushed to the hospital to treat injuries to his right wrist, right foot, neck and back. These injuries were so severe that our client had to endure surgery on his foot. In addition to this trauma, our client will face medical bills for years to come due to the permanent nature of his injuries.

The other driver was driving in a manner that was extremely negligent. He failed to maintain control of his vehicle and struck our client’s vehicle after recklessly merging into the same lane as our client. The negligent motorist was driving a vehicle for the company, VAUL Trust.

In response to the suffering our client has faced, we are suing the driver, the driving company which employed the driver, and the insurance company of the driver’s vehicle, Nationwide.

The suit is for an amount on claims of negligence, negligent entrustment and loss of consortium. In addition, we are requesting declaratory relief from the court due to the negligent driver being under/un-insured.

This case is being handled by one of the dedicated Ohio car accident lawyers at Charles Boyk Offices. If you are a victim of negligence following a car accident in Ohio, please contact us today and schedule an appointment to start discussing potential legal strategies that may be applicable to your case.

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