Injured Toledo Driver Sues for Right-Of-Way Violation Accident

On February 14, 2020, our client was traveling southbound on Jackman Road in Toledo, Ohio. At the same time, another driver attempted to make a left turn from a Speedway parking lot onto northbound Jackman Road. The negligent motorist failed to yield to the right-of-way, causing our client to collide with the driver’s side of his vehicle.

The at-fault motorist was cited by the Toledo Police Department for a right-of-way when turning left violation. Our client sustained severe injuries, including those to his back, right hip, and finger. Charles E. Boyk Law Offices is pursuing compensation to address these injuries and damages on behalf of our client.

Establishing Negligence

By failing to yield to the right-of-way when entering our client’s path of travel, the at-fault motorist breached his duty of care to drive safely. The traffic violation that the driver received from the police establishes negligence per se. The negligent motorist violated a legal statute, so it is clear he is responsible for our client’s injuries.

Assessing Damages

Because of the at-fault driver’s negligence, our client sustained serious injuries that he believes are permanent. This means he will likely require future medical care and incur further medical costs. In addition to this economic burden, our client has experienced pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress. The attorneys at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices are seeking the full amount of compensation needed to address our client’s economic and non-economic damages.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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