Hancock County Driver Sues for Injuries Sustained in Rear-End Collision

On February 4th, 2021, our client was heading eastbound on U.S. Route 224 near Township Road 212 in Hancock County, Ohio, when he slowed to make a left-hand turn. A negligent driver, who was also heading eastbound on Route 224, failed to keep a safe distance and rear-ended our client.

Emergency Medical Services transferred our client to the hospital from the scene of the accident due to his serious injuries. Our lawyers are fighting for his right to recover compensation from the at-fault motorist.

Suing the Reckless Driver for Negligence

The defendant had a duty of care to abide by all traffic laws in Ohio. He violated that duty by failing to keep a safe following distance. As a result, the reckless driver struck the rear of our client’s vehicle.

The defendant’s negligence led to our client suffering severe and permanent injuries. He sustained personal injuries to his head, neck, right hip, and thigh. As such, he incurred medical costs and lost wages due to his treatment.

Furthermore, our client’s injuries are permanent and will require future medical attention. He has also suffered from and will continue to suffer from mental anguish, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Our team is pursuing a lawsuit against the negligent driver seeking compensation for our client’s economic and non-economic losses.

Helping the Plaintiff’s Spouse Sue for Loss of Consortium

Our client’s spouse has decided to sue the defendant as well. The wife has lost love, affection, society, and consortium from their partner due to the defendant’s negligence. The couple’s quality of life and ability to carry out everyday activities with each other have been disrupted.

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