Grandmother Injured in Failure to Yield Accident Sues

One of our clients was riding with her granddaughter in Wood County, Ohio when they were involved in a violent car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

While the defendant was attempting to turn left, she struck our client’s vehicle. The local North Baltimore Police cited the defendant for a failure to yield. In addition to this, the defendant was operating her vehicle while working for USIC Locating Services, LLC.

After this accident, our client went to the emergency room to have her injuries treated. Medical evaluations revealed our client had suffered severe injuries to her back and right shoulder.

Our attorneys worked hand in hand with our client to develop an action plan after this upsetting event. To seek the best possible compensation for our client’s suffering, we are suing the driver and her employer for negligence and loss of consortium. While this compensation will not undo the damages and injuries that our client suffered, it may significantly help her move forward.

The experienced Ohio car accident lawyers at Charles E. Boyk Law Offices have extensive experience handling car accident claims and advocating for victims of negligence. If someone close to you has suffered due to the negligence of others, contact us right away to begin developing a comprehensive legal plan for your situation.

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