Client’s Gift To Lucas County Dogs Is Matched by Boyk Law

An anonymous Boyk Law client, who shares our passion for furry canines, donated $1000 toward the care of local dogs. Our client’s generous gift inspired Charles Boyk Law to match his donation to the Friends of Lucas County Dogs.

The mission of this 501c-3 charity is to “provide support for the dogs and staff at Lucas County Canine Care and Control through education, enrichment and fundraising to help the shelter meet its needs.”

Doug Dibble, President of Friends of Lucas County Dogs says the $2000 donation “will go for equipment including a centrifuge, a digital ultrasound, where they will check pregnant dogs to see how many puppies are about to come; bear hugging warmers that are used on a surgical table and several other medical instruments that will help dogs get healthy and be adoptable at the earliest possible date. And we are very appreciative of your support.”

Boyk Law Paralegal, Sarah Sharpe delivered the check as well as treats for all of the adoptable dogs at the Lucas County Canine Care and Control shelter.

Check out a video of the visit here:

For more information on adoption or to make your own donation, visit

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