Cases of Interest – October Newsletter

Husband/Father’s Cancer Goes Undiagnosed Leading to Medical Malpractice Claim
When our 40-year-old client’s bloodwork showed a high red blood cell count, his family doctor referred him to an oncologist for further evaluation. For months, the oncologist repeatedly told our client that nothing was wrong. However, seven months later, our client went to the emergency room for a horrible headache and was diagnosed with brain cancer. Further evaluation revealed that our client also had cancer in his kidneys and lungs. He had surgery to remove the brain tumor in efforts to slow the cancer’s spread, but, tragically, his prognosis is terminal. Our client is a husband and a father to a 4-year-old boy, and the impact of his delayed diagnosis is absolutely devastating to him and all his loved ones. Our office is investigating a medical malpractice claim against the treating doctors.

Rear-End Accident Leaves Man Without Use Of Arms & Legs
Our client had a green light allowing him to make a left turn from Lawrence Avenue onto Dorr Street in Toledo. After our client legally turned and proceeded eastbound on Dorr Street, he was struck from behind by another vehicle. The impact forced his vehicle sideways and off the road. Although the at-fault driver claimed that he had a green light, not our client, two witnesses who observed the collision reported that they saw the at-fault driver run a red light before smashing into the rear of our client’s vehicle. Our client was rushed by ambulance to the St. Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Room, where he learned that his cervical spine had been crushed along five vertebrae. This devastating spinal injury has caused our client to lose the function of his limbs. He was transferred from the hospital to a physical rehabilitation facility, where he remains today.

High School Student Ejected From Speeding Vehicle
Our client, a 16-year-old boy, was a front-seat passenger in a pick-up truck that was speeding along Township Road 131 in Seneca Township. Because of the vehicle’s excessive speed, the driver lost control as he attempted a turn, causing the vehicle to go off-road and overturn. Our client was forcefully ejected out of the front windshield and lost consciousness. Emergency responders appeared on the scene and found three of the vehicle’s occupants sitting near the road with non-life-threatening injuries.  Our client was found near the vehicle in critical condition. He was life-flighted to the hospital, where doctors determined he had suffered a concussion and multiple  fractured bones including his ribs, clavicle, tibia, and fibula. This young man faces a long road to recovery including another surgery to remove the hardware from a
previous leg surgery.

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