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$300,000 Settlement – Bicyclist Hit by Car Sustains Severe Open Leg Fracture

In 2019, our client was traveling on her bike when she was hit by a car and sustained serious injuries. Our client was riding her bike home from work, as she frequently did, when the defendant driver failed to yield the right of way to our client, who was crossing the street, causing a collision. Our client was violently thrown onto the pavement. She immediately felt extreme pain from the significant trauma to her leg. The impact caused a fracture so severe to our client’s tibia and fibula that the bones broke through her skin and caused significant blood loss. Our client was taken immediately from the scene by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment.

Our client spent a week in the hospital and was required to undergo two separate surgical procedures to repair the fractures. The first surgery required our client’s surgeon to install hardware to stabilize her tibia and fibula. Two days later, our client was required to be placed under anesthesia for a second time, this time to remove the external fixators that had been placed during the first operation. Once our client was released from the hospital, she was wheelchair bound and unable to bear weight on her left leg for an extended period of time. After the accident, our client was unable to return to the comfort of her own home and had to move in with her mother as her mother’s home did not have stairs. She also required the assistance of home health care nurses for several weeks while she recovered. When our client was finally able to begin bearing weight on her leg, she then endured many months of extensive physical therapy to rehabilitate and strengthen her leg. More than a year after the accident, our once very active client still had weight-bearing restrictions and dysfunction of her leg. Our client’s surgeon stated that the condition of her left leg would never return to what it was prior to the accident.

We were contacted shortly after this horrific accident to assist our client in her recovery. We were able to completely avoid the need for litigation as we were able to secure a large settlement for our client. While our client can never be made whole due to the permanent nature of her injuries, the substantial settlement we secured for her will go a long way to account for her pain and suffering and will help her receive the required medical treatments she now requires.

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