When most people think of a dog, they don’t think of scars, broken bones, and brain hemorrhages. Unfortunately, our law office has seen the victims of various dog bites and attacks, so we know the danger that these four-legged creatures can bring. File Bowling Green, OH pit bull bite claims with an experienced dog bite attorney.

If a dog is not cared for by their owners, the result can be tragic. There are some dog owners that abuse their dogs, do not feed them, and certainly, do not train them. Under this type of care, there is no way for a dog to learn the compassion that humans have. This results in a dog that thinks everyone is as horrible as their owner.

If you come across an agitated, unleashed dog, it is very important to stay as far away as possible. If not, the result could be a dog bite or attack that can bring great harm. One of the most dangerous types of dogs is a pit bull, but that does not mean that other dog breeds cannot cause serious injury.

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If you or someone you know was attacked by a dog and suffered injury as a result, call our dog bite attorneys to file Bowling Green, OH pit bull bite claims. If an owner fails to control their dog, they can be held liable for any harm that the dog causes to another individual. Our focus is on the victim, as we help injured victims obtain compensation for the pain and suffering caused from their dog bite or attack.

The Ohio Dog Bite Book is resource with valuable information regarding this type of legal claim. Order your free copy of this book to ensure that you have all of the information necessary to navigate through this process.

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