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In 2008, the FDA has determined that Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in a glossy, slick television campaign overstated the therapeutic benefits of YAZ while minimizing the serious risk women using the drug face. The FDA forced Bayer to run corrective advertisements that come closer to setting the record straight. As the FDA pointed out in a warning letter to the company, YAZ has not been approved for treating common premenstrual syndrome and overstates the case for using the drug to treat all acne.

If you have suffered some of the serious health consequences mentioned above and you have been taking YAZ, you should consult an attorney immediately. Failing to act quickly could destroy any chance you have to hold the manufacturers of YAZ responsible for your injuries. If too much time passes, you’ll be barred from ever making a claim.

Our firm has six offices based in northwest Ohio, and our Yaz health problem lawsuit attorneys helping women from around the country explore whether they may have a YAZ-related claim. Due to the number of lawsuits being filed around the country against YAZ defendants, we believe the federal court system will designate them as multi-district litigation cases and assign all of them to one judge. We have experience with this relatively rare process because we are involved with a multi-district litigation case involving the Yamaha Rhino ATV.

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