Whirlpool To Conduct Testing For Clyde Cancer Cluster

Whirlpool is conducting private testing today at the former Whirlpool Park today. This comes after the families involved in the Clyde Cancer Cluster conducted their own testing, finding elevated levels of benzaldehyde in their attics.

There have been numerous children affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster, along with adults that have developed various forms of cancer. Fox Toledo reported one Clyde Cancer Cluster father’s feelings toward the environmental testing on Sunday. Warren Brown stated, “[The testing] would at least give everybody a sense to know the extent of what was dumped and what needs to be cleaned up. Now whether any of that can be linked to what’s going on with the childhood cancer cluster I don’t know.”

Attorneys Alan Mortensen and Charles Boyk are representing the families of the childhood cancer cluster and are working hard to bring justice to the area.

One thing that has those Clyde Cancer Cluster families and representing attorneys question is that Whirlpool has banned everyone’s involvement in the lawsuit from the park grounds during the testing.

We will keep you up to date with all of the information found surrounding the Clyde Cancer Cluster and how the lawsuit progresses. You can visit our Clyde Cancer Cluster resource page to find recent blog posts, links to news articles, and videos with the families and attorneys involved in the lawsuit.


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