What Happens If I’m Hurt At Work?

Our Toledo, Ohio workers compensation lawyers understand that many people don’t think about what would happen if they were hurt on the job, let alone how they would pay their bills.

Usually, people who are injured only have to stay on the job for a relatively short period of time. Fortunately, people can recover from these injuries and get back to work. Temporary total disability helps replace wages lost for those who are unable to work for a certain period of time.

For example, if a worker had a pallet fall on his foot that prevented him from doing his job until he recovered from his injuries, the temporary total would be the proper claim to file. The injured worker must miss eight consecutive days in order to qualify for temporary total disability. For the first 12 weeks of disability, injured workers receiving their full weekly wage.

That figure is based on the average of the gross wages earned during the six weeks prior to the injury. After three months, a claimant receives 66 2/3 of his average weekly wage. In this situation, the average weekly wage is calculated based on the worker’s average gross wages for one year prior to the injury.

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