WARNING: Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers Recalled

A number of Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers have been recalled due to an undeclared milk allergen. Some packages of the Farmer’s Market Veggie burgers may have been filled with Lightlife Kick’n Black Bean Burgers, which do contain the milk allergen.

The veggie burgers were shipped nationwide to stores and distributors. Those consumers with allergies to milk are at a serious health risk if they consume these recalled Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers.

There have been no reported illnesses as of today in regards to these recalled veggie burgers. It is imperative for consumers to be aware of the recall so they can prevent serious, life-threatening allergic reactions from occurring.

The Lightlife Market Veggie Burgers that have been recalled are the following:


Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers 12.0 ounce, 4-count packages

Unit UPC: 4345480525

Lot Codes: 5483220300, 5483221700

Best if Used By Dates: July 16 2013, July 30 2013


You can find the above information on the back of each bag, in the lower right corner. If you are not allergic to milk, this product is safe for you.

If you or a loved one has a milk allergen and consumed the recalled Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers, experiencing allergic reactions as a result, we urge you to contact an Ohio product liability attorney as soon as possible. Call our experienced team of attorneys at 800.637.8170 to review your case. Our office has dealt with similar cases involving recalled food products and we have the resources available to help you with your case.

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