Vicious Dog Bill Sent To Ohio Governor Kasich For Signature

Vicious Dog Bill Sent To Ohio Governor Kasich For Signature

Since 1983, the experienced Toledo accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices have represented Ohioans who have sustained serious and life-changing personal injuries in a variety of ways, statewide. Amongst the most common types of claims seen in the Buckeye State involve dog bite injuries, which can leave permanent disfigurement and/or scarring on victims. Currently, Ohio classifies which breeds of dogs are considered “vicious” to alert owners and the public as to which are the most dangerous.

After 25 years however, Ohio may be doing away with its law that automatically declares the pitbull to be an inherently vicious dog. The House of Representatives voted 67-30 and sent House Bill 14 to Governor John Kasich’s desk for final approval.

Under the current law, a “vicious dog” is defined as one that, without provocation, has seriously injured a person, killed another dog, or belongs to the general breed of a “pitbull.” This law states that owning these dogs traggers additional liability insurance, restraint, and other requirements, as well as the increased chance that a pitbull could be euthanized if picked up on the street.

Proposed House Bill 14 would redefine the current designations of “vicious” and “dangerous” dogs and create a third lesser category of “nuisance” dog, create venue for dog owners to appeal law enforcement’s labeling of their dogs,a nd place a burden to prove the classification by clear and convincing evidence by the dog warden.

Whenever involved in any type of animal attack, it is essential to retain a skilled Ohio dog bite lawyer immediately. Not only will skilled counsel be able to help establish liability, they will be able to help guide the victim and their family thorugh the complex insurance claim process. Don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options, contact an attorney today!

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