Serious Injuries Can Be Prevented With Basic Measures

The best ways to prevent injury accidents from happening on an Ohio construction site are often the most basic. For example, having regular “Toolbox Talks”, keeping up with general cleanup, and having First Aid readily available can all make a huge difference:

Toolbox Talks

“Toolbox talks” are regularly held informal group discussions with Workers that are led by management/safety personnel.  These talks focus on a particular jobsite safety issue.  Accidents and near accidents are discussed.  The goal of these talks is to facilitate jobsite safety and compliance.


Good housekeeping is a very important element of job site safety.  Contractors must have a procedure for keeping the job site/work areas free of materials & debris that could affect safety. In general, housekeeping procedures should ensure:

Work areas are free of unnecessary tools, equipment, materials, and waste, particularly in walkways and on elevated work platforms.

  • Storage materials are kept in an orderly manner for easy access and clear of job site walkways and traffic.
  • Worksite debris is disposed of in bins suitable for waste and scrap materials.  All waste is disposed of in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.  Scrap materials that pose a particular hazard to Workers (sharp/protruding nails) is safely handled and removed.
  • Spills of oil, grease, and other substances that could lead to slipping are immediately cleaned up.

First Aid

Contractors must ensure that prompt first aid is available for injured Workers.  This can be accomplished by providing trained first aid responders or by ensuring that emergency response services are in close proximity to the job site.   First aid supplies should be located at each job site and their location known to every Worker.

OSHA Inspections

Providing a safe workplace is a Contractor’s responsibility and having a safe workplace is a Worker’s right. If a Contractor fails to provide a safe workplace or fails to follow OSHA rules, a Worker can file a complaint (confidentially if requested) with OSHA, asking OSHA to inspect their workplace. If an OSHA compliance officer finds a violation of OSHA standards, OSHA may issue citations and fines and order corrective action of the Contractor.  The Contractor is prohibited from retaliating or taking any adverse action against Workers who report injuries or safety concerns.

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