Toledo Collision Involves A Semi-Truck And Four Cars

Since opening their doors in 1983, the Toledo auto accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices have seen all types of motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes, these collisions involve one vehicle that collides with a parked vehicle or stationary objects, such as a tree or light pole. Most often, however, Ohio car accidents involve two or more vehicles and can result in serious personal injuries as well as criminal charges.

Such is the case of Kevin Harper, who was recently charged with following too closely and causing a five vehicle chain-reaction accident. According to reports from law enforcement officials, Harper was driving a Ford F-350 when he rear-ended a Mercedez Benz that had slowed down due to traffic up ahead. The force of the impact causes the Mercedez Benz to swerve into the center lane where it was hit by another Ford Focus. Two other vehicles, a semi-truck, and a Chevrolet Equinox, also collided in an attempt to slow due because of the initial crash, ultimately pushing the Equinox into Harper’s vehicle.

As a result of the five vehicle collision, a total of six people were injured and immediately transported to a local medical center.

In cases like these, where liability is not always cut and dry, it is always a good idea to consult an experienced Ohio accident attorney for representation. This is particularly true, as legal counsel can help auto accident victims to obtain difficult information and navigate the complex process of filing a car insurance claim. Regardless of whether the injuries sustained prove fatal or not, do not hesitate to contact a skilled injury lawyer for your case today!

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