Takeda Pharmaceutical Loses Lawsuit

Takeda Pharmaceutical Loses Lawsuit

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, makers of the Type 2 Diabetes drug Actos, has lost their lawsuit against a California man, Jack Cooper.

Actos allegedly causes bladder cancer in those patients that have used it, and Cooper was among the thousands of patients that filed a suit against the drug company.

The jurors in Cooper’s case against Takeda found that the company did not provide the appropriate warnings to Cooper and doctors about the risks associated with Actos. Takeda officials say that they are already working to have the verdict and the case thrown out.

There are more than 3,000 lawsuits against Takeda alleging that Actos caused bladder cancer or other health-related problems. Lawyers for the patients filing the suits are saying that Takeda ignored the risks that the drug posed to patients while misleading regulators about the drug.

Cooper’s lawyers notified jurors that the pharmaceutical company knew that Actos was linked to bladder cancer as early as 2004, yet Takeda officials did not tell regulators about the link for seven years. When FDA officials asked for the company to update warnings of the drug, the company delayed doing so in efforts to continue making money.

Actos and Bladder Cancer

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