Stryker Internal Waste Management System Product Recall

Stryker, a medical device company, recently issued a Class 1 recall of its entire Neptune Rover Waste Management System.  Reports say that at least one fatality has been linked to a passive drainage tube connected to the Neptune System, due to severe tissue damage caused by the product.

Products included in this recall are listed under the following names, dates, and product numbers.

Product Name

Catalog Number

Manufacture Dates

Distribution Dates

IFU Part Number

Neptune 1 Gold Rover 0700-001-000 1/11/01 – 12/23/09 3/26/01 – 1/30/10 0700-001-700
Neptune 1 Gold Rover – International 0700-002-000 9/15/05 10/3/05 – 10/3/05 0700-002-707
Neptune 1 Silver Rover 0700-003-000 1/31/02 – 9/3/09 5/31/02 – 11/19/09 0700-001-700
Neptune Bronze 0700-007-000 3/22/04 – 2/22/12 3/31/04 – 6/27/12 0700-007-720
Neptune 2 Rover ltra (120 V) 0702-001-000 12/3/07 – 8/1/12 12/31/07 – 8/7/12 0702-002-700
Neptune 2 Rover Ultra (230 V) 0702-002-000 10/9/08 – 6/18/12 3/5/09 – 7/26/12 0702-002-700


The company issued letters to all medical professionals and customers via overnight mail, warning that some of these products have not received 510(K) clearance, and have been marketed without specific FDA approval.

Furthermore, Stryker did not officially make a statement that these products were not to be used with a passive drainage tube, leading to misuse of the product.  Individuals recently involved in surgery should immediately contact their healthcare provider to view the risks and the potential repercussions from surgeons’ use of this product.

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