Semi Drives Too Close To Car, Causes Serious Accident

A Sunday morning crash in Vandalia, Ohio resulted in the injury to three individuals.

According to an article in WDTN Channel 2News, a semi driver was operating their truck too close to another vehicle. As a result, the semi hit the rear end of the car in front of it, causing the car to become seriously smashed in.

The accident happened on Interstate 75 under the overpass of Interstate 70. The semi-car collision was so serious that one of the victims was trapped inside the car, having to be pulled out by Officials.

It appears as though this accident was preventable; the driver of the semi was simply operating their vehicle too close to the car in front of them, which would clearly mean that they were not maintaining assured distance.

Maintaining proper distance between cars is always important, but this can be even more critical when we are experiencing weather like we have been. Snow and ice on the road can make it even more difficult to stop in time or prevent your vehicle from colliding with another. We published a blog post that included tips for driving in winter weather. The second tip we explained was keeping a clear distance, explaining how important it is to allow you time to make a full stop.

Maintaining Clear Distance

Regardless of the weather at the time, the semi driver should have maintained much more distance between their semi and the car. A match between the two on the roads is not fair at all, which this accident showed. Semis are very large, powerful pieces of equipment that can cause serious damage and injuries to others, such as the individuals injured in the above accident.

It has been reported that the driver of the semi will likely be cited for failure to maintain distance.

Semi Driver Collided with Car

Anyone who has been hit by a semi due to the driver’s failure to maintain clear distance or to stay within their lane should contact a personal injury attorney. The accident they were involved in could have been due to the negligence of the driver, making them able to pursue a settlement.

Accidents involving semis and cars are often serious due to the sheer fact that the two pieces of equipment differ greatly in size and power. Those injured in such accidents should seek compensation with the guidance of a lawyer.

The attorneys at our office can help those who have suffered at the hands of a negligent semi driver. Call  to explain the accident to us and allow us to tell you the legal options that you have, while giving you a free case evaluation.


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