Semi Collides With Car In Fostoria

The driver of a Pontiac G6 was taken to Spencer Hospital to be treated for injuries after a semi failed to yield at an intersection, striking the car.

The accident happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 71 and 280th Street near Fostoria. The Pontiac was southbound on U.S. Highway 71 and the semi-truck was crossing the intersection of 280th Street. The driver of the Pontiac, 85-year-old Frances Payne, was taken to the hospital following the accident.

The 64-year-old driver of the semi, Robert Schoorman, has been cited for a failure to obey a stop/yield sign.

Failure to Yield Accidents

You may be surprised at the number of failure to yield accidents that happen. These types of accidents have the potential to cause serious injury or fatality to those involved. We are thankful that the two men involved in this specific accident have not suffered life-threatening injuries from the collision.

As we stated above, it appears that the driver of the semi is at fault in this accident, under Ohio Revised Code 4511.43 Right-of-way rule at through highways, stop signs, yield signs. We are not sure of the extent of injuries that the driver of the Pontiac, Frances Payne, has suffered. If they are injuries that will continue to affect his long-term health, we would advise him to contact an attorney.

Payne could possibly have a legitimate personal injury claim and an auto accident lawyer will help him to receive the compensation that he deserves.  Our attorneys can answer any questions regarding this accident, as well as give a free case evaluation over the phone.

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