School Bus Safety Tips

With the school year beginning throughout the next few weeks, now is the best time to share school bus safety tips. We urge parents to share the below safety tips with their children in order to prevent school bus related accidents.

Safety at the Bus Stop

  • Always walk to the bus stop; Do not run
  • If available, always walk on the sidewalk, otherwise walk on the left facing traffic
  • Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • Wait in an area that is safe from traffic
  • Never speak to strangers while waiting at the bus stop
  • Only cross traffic to board the bus when the red flashing lights are on and the stop sign is extended
  • Look left, right, and left again before crossing the road

Safety on the Bus

  • Walk directly to seat; remain seated entire ride
  • Do not distract the bus driver unless the bus is stopped
  • Never throw things on the bus or out the bus windows
  • Keep items out of the aisle way
  • In emergency situations, always listen to the bus driver

Safety Exiting the Bus

  • Walk while exiting the bus; do not run
  • Go straight home from the bus stop
  • Only exit the bus at your designated stop
  • Never return to the bus if an item is left on it, the driver may not see you and begin to move the bus
  • If an item is dropped near the bus, tell the bus driver before attempting to pick it up

Our office urges parents to go through the above safety tips with their children as they get ready to return to school. School bus safety is essential to ensure a happy and successful school year!

If your child has been involved in a school bus accident, call our Ohio school bus accident attorneys.

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