School Bus Accident At Douglas & Monroe

There was an accident on Wednesday afternoon involving a school bus and a car at the intersection of Douglas and Monroe in Toledo.

A Lucas County Bus #13 collided with a car at the intersection around 4:30 pm.  There were no children seriously injured in the accident.

There were two people in the car that collided with the bus and both were taken to a nearby hospital.

The accident did slow down traffic on Wednesday afternoon but no serious backups were reported. The accident is still under investigation with the cause unknown to us at this time.

Involved in a School Bus Accident

If your child has been involved in a school bus accident and was injured as a result, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer representing your child. School bus accidents can be confusing with several different entities involved. Our office advises all school bus accident victims contact a Toledo school bus accident lawyer immediately to ensure all of the proper steps are taken.

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