Ring Doorbell, Great for Homeowners – Bad for Criminals

Ring Doorbell, Great for Homeowners – Bad for Criminals

The ring doorbell has become an increasingly popular houseware, for what is essentially a doorbell with a camera. However, homeowners and renters alike have bought the device more and more since it was introduced in 2014. To the point that most delivery drivers and neighborhood kids now anticipate they are being watched by the front door. The doorbell allows for 24/7 access to the camera attached to it, this allows for continuous recording, and playback. These features are available to users at the palm of their hand which is what made ring so unique. Unlike most other security systems that only notify a user once someone has already broken in, Ring notifies when there is movement outside the door, before an invasion occurs.

The features, of course, of Ring has continuously made it a hot ticket item for consumers, but police have expressed special interest over the doorbells as well. There is an opportunity for police to stop criminals by accessing the private footage from Ring users in an active investigation. Hundreds of police departments around the country have begun pairing with Ring through a separate application called Neighbors that acts as a neighborhood watch. These sophisticated doorbells have helped cases reach a close and for communities to feel safer and more in control.

Our firm investigates cases of injury, and the Ring Doorbell may give us access to video that could help us obtain evidence of an accident or incident that can help us better advocate for victims. In civil cases, victims may be entitled to compensation both physical and emotional harm they have suffered. If you have been injured and feel you may benefit from our services, please contact us today.

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