Red Light Cameras In Toledo

The Ohio Supreme Court will be challenging how Toledo fines drivers who are caught on red light cameras.

Earlier this year, a state appeals court came to the ruling that Toledo had wrongly taken away jurisdiction with the administrative review process of drivers who either run red light cameras or speed through the intersection.

According to the attorney who brought the lawsuit, Toledo is not giving drivers their day in court. The decision that could possibly come out of this lawsuit has the potential to affect other cities through the state that also have red light and speed cameras.

The attorneys working for the city of Toledo reportedly say that the appeals court decision took away the cities’ rights that are listed in the Ohio Constitution, which allow cities to create review processes for noncriminal issues.

Our office called attention to the red light camera ban in June 2013. We addressed the fact that many of the feelings toward red light cameras are mixed as some support them and others feel as though they increase the occurrence of accidents in intersections. Apparently, these cameras that are meant to make drivers more cautious instead increase the number of rear-end collisions as drivers come to a halting stop so they don’t get caught by the light’s camera.

Anyone who has found themselves making a split-second decision to either try to make it through the light and risk a high fine, or try to stop to save themselves a ticket, can identify with the increased accidents that are caused by these cameras.

Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC