Recovering Damages From A Renter For A Dog Bite Injury

When you are bitten by a dog in Ohio, liability for the bite will almost always fall to the owner.

If the dog attacking is under the care of the harbored, that person may also be liable. In order to recover damages in an Ohio dog bite claim, the Ohio dog bite lawyers will go after the homeowner’s liability insurance. This poses the question, however, what happens when the dog’s owner is a renter?

Most people do not have the finances to pay for serious injuries, if the person has renter’s insurance, compensation can be sought through that policy. Recovery on renters can be quite difficult. In Ohio lease agreements, tenants are liable for what occurs on the property they are renting. An exception to this rule with the landlord is when the dog bite occurs in a common area, like a common yard. Also, if the landlord is aware that the dog is vicious and they continue to let the dog live there, they could also be deemed liable.

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