Reasons You May Need To Read “Injured Worker’s Guide”

Why you may need Injured Worker’s Guide: Ohio Construction Accidents

The reality is that if you thinking about reading Injured Worker’s Guide: Ohio Construction Accidents, you may be doing so because you or a loved one has been hurt, or worse. We realize that you are probably not turning to this book because of an interest you have in the importance of workplace safety, but because you may be confronting a real, life-altering issue and you are looking for some guidance.

That’s why we wrote Injured Worker’s Guide – to help give you the information and resources you need to understand the rights you may have and to make informed decisions as you move forward. It is important for us to help you understand the options you may have and recognize that what you decide to do, or not to do, can have far-reaching consequences.

About Injured Worker’s Guide  

Let’s talk about a few assumptions we make about you, the expected reader, of this book:

  • You are not a legal professional;
  • You don’t know much about construction law or the litigation process itself;
  • You are NOT intending to represent yourself, but simply want a better understanding of construction law so you are better educated when consulting with and selecting a legal professional to help you.

With these assumptions in mind, the book was intentionally written in a language that is easy to understand.

It was written in the effort to introduce you to particular job site hazards, the importance of protecting Workers from these hazards, and law and legal processes involved when a failure to do so results in an injury. While we try to provide enough detail to be meaningful, it is not our goal to be exhaustive.

Even though the book presents the material in a comprehensive manner, we do not want you to be under illusions that you should tackle a construction injury case without legal counsel. Construction law is complex. Very complex. It involves numerous areas of laws that can be challenging to the most seasoned attorneys. We certainly want you to be informed as to your rights, but also want you to recognize when you may benefit from an experienced attorney.

We offer Injured Worker’s Guide free of charge simply by requesting a copy. The attorneys in our office are also available to answer any questions about construction accident injuries by calling 419-241-1395, Live Chatting on our website, or by emailing

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