Personal Injury Cases Of Interest: May 2014

There are several types of cases that personal injury lawyers handle. From car accidents to premises liability, a personal injury lawyer can help injured victims.

Our Toledo law office shares our ‘Cases of Interest’ in our monthly newsletter to allow our readers to understand the different types of cases that we handle and the various victims we have helped. Sharing this information not only informs the reader for their own reference but also helps them to understand that if they or a loved one are injured in a future accident, it falls into the personal injury category and our lawyers can help.

Personal Injury Cases of Interest

At-Fault Driver Knocks Young Woman’s Car into Building, Causes Fractures & Concussion

Our law office represented a 19-year-old who was knocked unconscious after being struck by another driver. The collision was with such force that our client was knocked into a building and was then taken via EMS to a local hospital. The client was then diagnosed with multiple fractures in her arm, shoulder, and hand in addition to a concussion. Injuries such as those that our client sustained often require physical therapy and/or surgery.

Testosterone Therapy May Have Contributed to Spinal Cord Infarction

Our law office is investigating the link that exists between the spinal cord infarction of our client and his testosterone therapy treatments. A spinal cord infarction is a stroke within the spinal cord, and the Journal of the American Medical Association has released a study that links prescription testosterone drugs to an increased risk of cardiovascular injuries in men. In our client’s case, the stroke worsened the mobility of our client and contributed to his current need for a home health aide to assist in daily activities.

Car Strikes Client Standing on Sidewalk, Causes Serious Shoulder Injury & Time off Work

Our client was a pedestrian standing on the sidewalk when they were struck by a car, thrown in the air, and landed on the car’s hood. After the car-pedestrian accident, our client was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and was informed that they had a sprained neck, concussion, knee injury, and a tear in their shoulder. The injuries would require physical therapy and possibly surgery as well. The shoulder injury has resulted in our client missing four months of work at a job that they have had for nearly 25 years.

Personal Injury Accidents

As you can see above, the types of personal injury accidents vary. Also, the results and effect of the client’s life vary as well. Injuries often cause medical expenses and disrupt a victim’s life, but they can also cause serious life changes such as the need for help with regular activities, or extended time off of work.

The personal injury lawyers at our law office can be reached by phone at 800.637.8170 and can help with your personal injury claim. We have years of experience with a variety of cases and accidents, helping countless injured victims to receive the compensation they deserve for the pain and suffering that has occurred.

Call our office today for the opportunity to speak directly to one of our personal injury lawyers. You can explain the accident or situation that has led to you or your loved one’s injuries and receive guidance from our lawyers regarding the legal steps that you should take.

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