One Injured In Toledo Drunk Driving Auto Accident

Angry mothers and skilled Ohio car accident attorneys aren’t the only ones all too-familiar with the dangers of getting behind the whell while intoxicated. Because alcohol impairs one’s ability to properly drive, the chances of injuring themselves or others on the roadway becomes significantly higher.

An example is seen in a recent Toledo drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of one man and was alcohol-related.

While 54 year-old Steven Murray was traveling south on the interstate, Trooper K. Terry witnesses his vehicle run off the right shoulder of the road and hit the concrete barrier several times. Instead of stopping after impact however, Murray continued to drive south on the shoulder. Officer Terry turned on his emergency lights and attempted to pull Murray over, igniting a pursuit lasting nearly two miles. The high-speed chase only ended after Murray entered the southbound commercial vehicle weigh station, where it ran into a ditch and caught fire.

As law enforcement and emergency medical crews approached Murray’s vehicle to remove him from the wreckage, he pulled out a handgun and aimed it at police. Despite his hard bark, he had little bite as he obeyed police orders to put drop the weapon.

Surprisingly, Murray only sustained minor injuries and was taken to Sentara Potomac Hospital for treatment. He has much bigger problems, however. Murray now faces a slew of criminal charges including: attempted capitol murder of a police officer, driving under the influence of drugs, hit and run, reckless driving, attempting to elude a police officer, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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