Ohio Workers’ Compensation System Changes

Ohio Workers’ Compensation System Changes

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will be changing the payment model according to and the bureau Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer.

Change in Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation System

The announcement came on Monday as Buehrer spoke to the Lima Rotary Club. He explained that the bureau would be switching the antiquated billing system from retrospective to perspective.

Ohio employers currently pay for coverage after they receive it under the current workers’ compensation system. Buehrer explained that this is “something that’s almost unheard of in the insurance agency.”

The way that Ohio currently bills for workers’ compensation is only done in a couple of states. No private insurers operate this way and the agency has not switched to the perspective system because it would require double billing employers. According to the article in, the bureau is now in a financial state in which they can offer employers credits.

The change will give private sector employers eight months of credits and the public sector employers will receive 12 months of credits.

The switch and the conversion of private and public employers is expected to decrease the base rate, according to Buehrer.

Workers’ Compensation Employees

Another way that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is hoping to decrease costs is by getting employees back to work sooner. Ohio has the worst average in the nation for workers’ compensation payments. The national average is 17 percent and Ohio’s average is 57 percent.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Our law office has helped countless injured workers to receive workers’ compensation. We will follow the changes to the system very closely so we can represent our clients and help them to receive the compensation that they deserve. To speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer at our office about a work injury that you have suffered, call 800.637.8170. You can review the accident and ask any questions that you have related to your case and the legal options that you have. We also recommend ordering a free copy of The Ohio Work Injury Book that can serve as an easy-to-understand legal resource throughout the workers’ compensation process.


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