Ohio Infant Sustains Injuries In Dog Bite Attack

It goes without saying that all accidents have the ability to be completely devastating, but the Ohio accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices can attest: nothing is more tragic than when more than one member of the family is injured and the victim pool includes a young child.

Such are the circumstances of a 2011 case where an Ohio infant was injured after being attacked by the family dog. (Especially as many consider pets to be beloved family members.)

Last year, the infant was crawling in the living room of his home when the family dog unexpectedly bit the child in the fact. Although the mother was in the room at the time of the dog bite, she said that the attack happened so quickly that she didn’t have enough time to react. The emergency medical crews were immediately called and the infant was taken to a nearby hospital. As a result of the dog bite, he had to have surgery to his nose.

Animal attacks, especially dog bites, can be particularly shocking for families. In this case, the family’s heartache was two fold–even though it was the dog’s first time ever biting someone, their child sustained significant injuries in the incident. Because these cases can be particularly heartbreaking and difficult for victim’s to handle, it is always essential to retain an experienced Ohio dog bite lawyer when injured in an attack. Not only can skilled legal counsel prove helpful in establishing liability, but they can act as a guide through the complex insurance claim process. Don’t wait to get help for your injuries – contact an attorney immediately!

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