Ohio Accident Legal Advice

Being involved in an accident is something that we all hope to never be a part of, but the odds are that at one point or another, we all find ourselves in this unfortunate situation.

Sometimes accidents can result in minor property damage and future headaches dealing with insurance company, while other times they may cause serious injuries, medical bills, time off of work due to injury, and serious property damage. Our office wants to provide the information that accident victims need to know so if they find themselves in this difficult situation, they can take the right steps to ensure legal protection.

Ohio Accident Legal Advice

1. Providing a Statement

In a recent blog post and video, we described how and when an individual should provide a statement about their accident. The question that our personal injury attorneys are often asked is “Should I give a statement after an accident?” and the answer we gave is yes and no.

If you are on the scene of the accident, you should definitely give an accurate statement to the police officer taking down the accident information. Tell the truth about the entire situation – the cause, what happened, who is at fault – and include all details of the accident. This can help you to protect your legal rights.

If you are no longer on the scene of the accident and you are asked to give a statement, our attorneys suggest not doing so. If the insurance company is asking for a statement, be sure to inform your attorney. They will prepare and practice your statement with you so you can be sure that it includes all proper details that are relevant to your case and protects your rights. You only get one shot at a statement with the insurance company which is why it is very important to seek guidance from your attorney.

2. Pay your medical bills in this order: Health insurance, auto insurance, defendant’s insurance.

When paying medical bills after an injury accident, you should do so in the above order. Our personal injury attorneys explain the importance of following this order in a Frequently Asked Question posted on our website.

One of the reasons you follow this order is that the defendant’s insurance will not cover your bills until you sign a full release. This is why it is important to first use your health insurance and then your auto insurance policy.

Read more about paying medical bills after an injury accident.


For more answers to the questions that you have regarding your accident, or to find the steps that are involved in a personal injury case, read the different blogs and FAQs on our website. We have covered several topics that relate to Ohio injury accidents in efforts to educate injured victims of their options.

You can also feel free to contact one of the attorneys at our office to ask them your question directly. Call 800.6937.8170 and you will have the chance to ask a personal injury attorney all of your questions and even receive a case evaluation.

We also offer a comprehensive legal book that has many answers you’re looking for. Request a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book when you call into our office.

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