Motorcycle Safety Tips: Know Before You Ride

Before You Ride

  • Read the owner’s manual, as it will give you many specifics that you will find helpful in understanding and maintaining your bike.
  • Check the tires – these are the most important parts of your bike. Check the surface of the tires for cuts and foreign objects. Check the tire pressure with a good gauge.
  • Check the controls – cables are strong and rarely break, but check for kinks or stiffness.
  • Check your lights, turn signals, horn, and mirrors.
  • Check the oil, fuel, and if your bike is liquid-cooled, the coolant levels.
  • If your motorcycle has a chain-drive to the rear wheel, make sure that the chain is properly tensioned and in good shape.
  • Make sure that the side stand and center stand fold up and stay up.
  • Check your brakes as you roll off. Make sure they work.

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