Life Flight Called to Scene of Semi-Truck Accident in Fulton County, Ohio

Life Flight Called to Scene of Semi-Truck Accident in Fulton County, Ohio

Delta, Ohio – On the afternoon of February 14, 2022, a serious two-vehicle crash occurred just south of Delta, Ohio. According to emergency responders, the crash involved a commercial vehicle (truck or semi) and another vehicle. An air ambulance was called to the scene to transport the victims.

Duties of Semi-Trucks and Semi-Truck Drivers

When accidents occur between a regular passenger vehicle, even an SUV or Pickup truck, and a Semi Truck, especially one carrying a load, the consequences to the passenger vehicle can be catastrophic. A passenger vehicle and a truck accident usually results in the passenger vehicle being on the losing end of the collision. Semi-Trucks are by their very nature heavy, built to withstand more impact, and are hard to stop quickly when confronted with a road hazard. Special training and care must be taken by the drivers of semi-trucks in order that they, and the driving public on the roads they travel are protected from unintended accidents and injuries.

Drivers of Semi-Trucks have a special duty of care when driving due to the special qualities of commercial trucks and the loads they carry. Drivers must be properly trained and obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to drive a most commercial semi-trucks. Drivers must obey hour limits per day on driving and other special rules. Trucks must be properly maintained and serviced in order that all equipment on the truck is operating properly, especially those parts of the truck such as the braking, the lights, the wheels, and other critical engine parts that could fail and lead to a sudden accident. In other words the semi-truck and other commercial truck drivers and the owners of the companies that send these trucks out on the road have an enhanced duty of care to the public to minimize dangers to the public on the roads.

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