Korean Comfort Women in WWII Entitled to Reparations

Korean Comfort Women in WWII Entitled to Reparations

The Supreme Court confirmed an earlier ruling on September 29, 2022, that each of the women that worked in the brothels that were set up in the U.S. military Camptown in Korea 65 years ago should be compensated between 3 million won and 7 million won (approximately $2,092-$4,881). This verdict confirms the existence of the brothels, known locally as “Gijichon.” These camptowns imposed state violence against the female victims.

Victim Comes Forward

In front of the court, 72-year-old plaintiff Kim Suk-ja, who started working at camptowns at 19 and only left when she turned 59 years old in 2009, stated, “I feel like I could shout with joy,” before breaking into tears.

“I had been frustrated that the Supreme Court hadn’t made any ruling in the several years since we filed the lawsuit, but now that it has finally returned a verdict today in favor of us grandmothers, I can’t help but cry,” she said. “With each year the lawsuit went on, more of our sisters passed. I think they, too, are happy in heaven.”

A coalition known as the Camptown Women’s Human Rights Coalition was created in 2012 and worked to advocate for the victims of the state-managed camptown sex trade. The coalition aided the 121 plaintiffs in 2014 with filing the lawsuit, but that number dropped to 95 after 24 died and two withdrew from the case.

History of “Comfort Stations”

The practice of government-sanctioned prostitution began under Japanese rule in South Korea. With government-sanctioned prostitution permitted by the Japanese, they established registration protocols and mandatory STD examinations for Korean sex workers.

After South Korea’s liberation from Japan, the U.S. moved in and took the place of the Japanese soldiers at the Japanese “comfort stations,” which were turned into U.S. camptowns. The Bureau of Public Health and Welfare began to take over STD examinations from the previous government. To further protect U.S. soldiers from contracting venereal diseases, the U.S. military began to monitor the health and activities of the sex workers by relocating the service bars and clubs near their bases and confining the women to those areas.

Filing a Claim Against the Government

Challenging the federal government can seem intimidating, but they make mistakes, and there is recourse for those injured by their negligence. Did you slip and fall in a post office, court, or government building or have a medical malpractice issue at a Veterans Administration VA hospital? Many people assume there is no way to file a claim against the federal government, but there is under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

Only negligence claims are allowed. Acts of intentional misconduct that cause injuries are handled differently, and if you are the victim of willful misconduct by a federal employee, you may have other options to discuss with an attorney. If an attorney has determined that your claim is valid under the Federal Tort Claims act guidelines, then there are numerous steps in the process you must follow to file the claim correctly.

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If the agency admits the claim is valid, they will compensate you without further action or needing to go to court. If your administrative claim is denied, you have six months to file a standard lawsuit with the court. If the federal agency does not make a ruling within six months, you may continue awaiting the agency’s decision or file the claim at that time.

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