Keep On Riding With These Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here at The Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC we want to see that you remain safe while riding your motorcycle. Following these safety tips will help you so that you may keep on riding.

1.) Steer clear of blind spots- every driver has one, and semi-trucks have especially large ones. Be sure that you stay clear of other vehicles blind spot. Because of the large difference in size and braking system, motorcycles can stop in a much shorter distance than other vehicle can. Be sure not to stop too quickly in front of a truck or other large vehicle.

2.) Wear a helmet- many times wearing a helmet can mean the difference between life and death. They are the only source of protection after a crash.

3.) Drive to survive- motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road. It is crucial that motorcycle drivers are aware of everything on the road. Drive defensively. You can never be too cautious about traffic signals and brake lights of other vehicles.

4.) Check yourself and your bike- before each ride, be sure to inspect your bike to make sure that there are no problems or safety issues. Wear protective clothing like gloves, boots and a jacket. Taking these precautions can reduce the severity of injury if you are involved in a crash.

5.) Watch your speed- motorcycles accelerate faster than other vehicles so be careful when driving around trucks, buses, etc. This can prevent crashing into the back of a vehicle.

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