International Paper Co. Employee Rear-Ended A Woman While On Her Phone

A $5.2 million verdict was recently reached in Fulton County, GA, in a personal injury case involving a car accident caused by cell phone use behind the wheel. The case was set for trial on March 17, 2008, but settled out of court.

According to the complaint filed in 2006, an employee of International Paper Co. rear-ended Debra Ford, while talking on her cell phone. Her cruise control had been set at 77 mph in a 70 mph speed limit zone. The impact of the car accident caused Ms. Ford’s car to overturn, which pinned her arm between the vehicle and the pavement. The plaintiff’s arm had to be amputated just below the shoulder.

Georgia’s cell phone statue states that drivers are not to do anything distracting while behind the wheel. Currently in Ohio, it is not against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving. However, our Toledo, Ohio personal injury attorneys encourage drivers to be safe on the roads and pull over to use their phones. Prevent the distraction that talking on a cell phone can cause, in order to prevent personal injury from a car accident.

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