Injured In Toledo, Ohio Texting And Driving Accident

Injured In Toledo, Ohio Texting And Driving Accident

Texting while driving may soon be outlawed in Ohio according to 13 ABC’s website. Already, 16 other states have outlawed this habit after fatal crashes occurred due to texting while driving. When Nationwide did a study recently, they found that out of 1,500 18% of them text while driving and that number jumps to 39% for drivers under 30.

In order to understand the effects of texting while driving, Beverly Ricciardo, a Toledo driving instructor set up a safe course to test how a person’s driving skills are affected if the text. In this scenario, even a person who texts hundreds of times a day became distracted and had a difficult time holding onto the wheel while texting and driving. This is found to be a very dangerous habit.

Right now there are a few bills going through the Ohio legislature working to put some sort of a ban on texting while driving. Some of this bill are geared towards teen drivers, while others include all drivers.

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