Impaired Driver Causes Car Crash on I-475 in Toledo Lucas County

Impaired Driver Causes Car Crash on I-475 in Toledo Lucas County

On January 23rd, 2022, police responded to a car accident between 475 West and US-23. Police say the driver attempted to cut off another vehicle before veering off into the grass and crashing into a highway barrier. The driver was found to be under the influence at the time of the crash. No one was injured in the crash.

In this accident it was fortunate no one was hurt; however, many times people are not so lucky. Many times when a driver decides to take the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol tragic events take place that can forever affect all those involved. Even a “minor” accident can cause injuries that can take someone’s normal life and turn it completely upside down.

Assessing the liability of the Impaired Driver

In Ohio, all drivers are subject to the same laws that prohibit them from driving while impaired. Impaired does not just mean from alcohol, it can be from many other drugs, even prescription ones, that impair a driver’s ability to drive in a safe manner. Evidence of impaired driving can be as simple as not obeying traffic signals or signs. Or more obvious, a driver may be weaving, not staying in their lane, speeding at an excessive amount, or driving in an erratic manner.

Getting an accident report, as well as any police reports that the driver was impaired, is important. Driving while impaired and getting into an accident with someone else makes that driver at fault for the accident. The impairment, along with the actual details of the crash, builds the case against that driver for their fault for a car accident due to their negligence in driving while impaired.

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