How To Get The Most Money Out Of A Personal Injury Claim

When someone is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another individual, there are specific things that they can do to ensure that they end up receiving a favorable settlement.

Below you will see three steps to take that will help you get the most money out of your personal injury claim. Follow these steps and contact a personal injury lawyer to work on your behalf.

1. Contact a Lawyer ASAP

There are several things associated with the beginning stages of a personal injury that can possibly result in your failure to receive the full amount of compensation that you are deserved. To prevent things such as signing documents that you shouldn’t, or giving the insurance company the ability to lower your settlement, call a personal injury lawyer right after your accident.

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2. Let your lawyer talk to the insurance company

After you are involved in an accident, the insurance company will likely contact you just days after. Their goal is to rush you into a quick settlement so they do not end up giving you the full amount of compensation for your injuries.

We advise all personal injury victims to let their lawyer take over all communication with the insurance company. Your lawyer will prevent the insurance adjuster from contacting you and they will also make sure that you do not sign any form allowing the insurance company access to previous medical records or other files that can jeopardize your claim.

3. Be honest with your lawyer about every detail

The best way to ensure that your lawyer will be able to represent you to their fullest potential is to inform them of every detail associated with the accident and your injuries. By giving them all of the information, they will be prepared to represent you. If they are presented with evidence by the defendant that they were not aware of, they will not be fully prepared to react to it.

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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

The most important thing that a personal injury victim can do is to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Once they hire a lawyer to represent them, they will have a professional guiding them throughout the whole process, ensuring that they are following all of the necessary steps to a favorable settlement.

The personal injury attorneys at our office can be reached at 800.637.8170. You can call to speak with a lawyer about your accident, the injuries sustained, and the steps to take to file an injury claim. We also provide readers with a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book which can serve as a guide throughout the entire legal process. Request a copy when calling into our office or order directly from the website.

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