Guide To Ohio Medical Malpractice, Part One

Guide To Ohio Medical Malpractice, Part One

We understand that the process of an Ohio medical malpractice lawsuit (or any lawsuit) may be a completely foreign concept to you.  We understand that you may be considering taking legal action for the first time in your life.  For this reason, we believe it may be beneficial for you to hear a little bit about the process of bringing a medical malpractice claim – everything from the initial phone call to the attorney’s office to the final settlement or jury award.  While every law firm is different, below is a general explanation of what you can expect if you choose the Charles Boyk Law Offices, LLC to handle your medical malpractice claim.

The Initial Phone Call

The first step is when the medical malpractice victim or a loved one calls our office and speaks with one of our attorneys about the potential medical malpractice claim.  At this point, one of our lawyers will take the time to listen carefully to your account of what happened and will make an initial assessment as to the potential for our firm to take the case.

The lawyer will educate the client about medical malpractice cases in general and will explain what needs to be proven (if you are reading this book, you are already more informed than 95% of the people out there!).

If we believe that the case is one that we would like to become involved in, we will instruct the client to begin collecting any documents that the client has in his or her possession that relate in any way to the medical treatment that has been provided.  Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers will then set up a time for the potential client to come in and meet with us in person to discuss all of the options that are available.

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