Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter Weather?

We have not had the kind of winter weather that we are used to but that doesn’t mean it is over. Here are some ways to make sure your vehicle is ready for the bad winter weather.

Take it to a mechanic to get the battery and radiator fluid levels, brakes, hoses, and belts checked. Make sure your front and rear lights are working and are visible to others. Change the wiper fluid to some that are made for the freezing temperatures and also buy wiper blades made for winter too. Check to see if the heater is working along with the defrosters too. Check the windshield washer system for clogs or blocks.

Put jumper cables, ice scraper, flashlight, batteries, flares, shovel, first-aid kit, basic hand tools, blankets, and a cell phone car charger. Make sure there is plenty of gas in the vehicle try to keep it no lower than half a tank because this will make it easier to start in the cold. The last thing is to clean the vehicle off of all snow and ice, do not try to drive with some parts of the windows or mirrors blocked.

With all of these things, you will be safe and ready to drive in the winter weather in the area and will also keep others safe too.

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