Ford Recalls Vehicles For Faulty Child Locks

Ford Motor Co. has stated that the child locks in certain 2013 models were improperly made, forcing the carmaker to recall the vehicles. The locks do not always engage when activated, which could result in an adult thinking the child lock is working when it really is not.

The faulty child locks are dangerous because a child could open the door from the inside, whether the lock is activating by an adult or not, and the child could then face serious injuries.

The models that are affected by this problem include:

  • Focus and C-Max – built from November 16-21
  • Escape SUVs – built from November 14-21

The recall urges consumers to take their vehicle to a Ford dealer for inspection.

We are thankful that we have heard of no serious accidents due to this issue.

Child Injured Due to Faulty Child Locks

If you or someone you know operates one of the above vehicles, and your child was injured due to faulty child locks, call our Ohio product liability lawyers. This type of problem has put children at serious risk. Call 800.637.8170 to speak to one of our lawyers if the faulty child locks have caused harm to your child.

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