Fetal Hypoxia Birth Injury

Fetal Hypoxia Birth Injury

Fetal hypoxia occurs when a a fetus is deprived of sufficient oxygen during the birthing process. This condition can cause complications that can affect the baby throughout its entire life. In and of itself, fetal hypoxia is not a birth injury, but a number of factors can contribute to an increased risk. Medical negligence may be the cause if the medical staff failed to recognize and treat the symptoms of fetal distress.

Birth Injury Lawsuit

The parents of children that are born with serious injuries as a result of fetal hypoxia may be able to file a lawsuit with a birth injury attorney against the medical facility and staff responsible. If you have questions and think that your child’s injuries are a result of medical negligence, call our lawyers at 800.637.8170 to schedule a free legal consultation today!

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