Fatal Motorcycle Accident On West Alexis Road

A motorcycle accident occurred on West Alexis Road on Wednesday, killing one man.

Randy Rudolph Jr. was operating his motorcycle when he hit a van. After the accident, Rudoloph was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time as we can only imagine the pain they are going through.

The accident is still under investigation, but what we do know at this time is that Rudolph was not wearing a helmet.

Importance of Motorcycle Safety

As you know, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and our office would like to do our best to promote that to both motorcyclists and others on the roadways. We think it is tragic to see accidents of this nature as they are all too common.

Our office has shared safety tips that explain how to reduce the risk of being involved in a dangerous motorcycle accident. We included safety measures to take for both cyclists and drivers, and we also released five safety precautions to be aware of during motorcycle season.

Importance of Wearing a Helmet

We know that Rudolph was not wearing a helmet during the time of his accident. While helmets can help significantly reduce the damage and injuries during a motorcycle accident, they are not required by Ohio law to be worn. Only drivers with novice licenses, or those under the age of 18, must wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

We hope that the recent accidents in the area help to raise awareness in the community and stress the importance of motorcycle safety. Our office has seen one too many motorcycle accident victims and we’d like to put this tragic accident trend to bed.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, call our motorcycle accident attorneys at 800.637.8170. Our team will review your case over the phone and take the appropriate steps to ensure that you receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

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