Fatal Bus Accident Could Have Been Avoided

The fatal bus accident that took the life of Morgan Duris brings to light the standard of care that needs to be taken when driving near school buses.

Our Ohio child accident lawyers urge drivers to be extra cautious when around driving next to, behind, or even near school buses. Treat the school bus stop signs as stationary stop signs – they are not meant as just a caution – drivers are REQUIRED to stop.

Avoid passing buses, as children are often waiting to board, and can dart out from behind trees, shrubs, or the bus itself when going to cross the street. WTOL reported that according to the Sylvania Police report, Cynthia Anderson, the woman who struck and killed Morgan Duris, was trying to pass the school bus before it stopped when Morgan entered the road.

Mind the speed limit, and it is a good idea to travel slightly below the speed limit since children are around.

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