FAQ: Product Liability Claims

FAQ: Product Liability Claims

There are multiple recalls announced each day, some affecting the nation and others affecting specific geographic regions. Attorney Boyk felt that with the commonality of recalls, it would be helpful to consumers to answer some of the frequently asked questions that surround a product liability case.

1. Who can be held liability in a product liability case?

The manufacturer or the seller of the defective product can be held liable. This is based on negligence and breach of warranty.

2. What is breach of warranty action?

Breach of warranty is when the consumer can recover damages without actually showing that the manufacturer or seller of the product was negligent. This is a way to hold those that sell dangerous products accountable.

3. What information should I record if injured by a product?

You should record as much information as possible. Record what happened, get names and contact information of any witnesses, and any other information you feel is helpful. More information is always helpful to your attorney.

4. What is “statutes of limitation”?

Statute of limitation is the period of time after an incident that an individual has to file a lawsuit. The Ohio statute of limitations for product liability is two years.

5. What is the first step in pursuing an Ohio Product Liability Claim?

The first step in a claim is to contact an attorney. These types of cases can be confusing and involve complex legal issues. An attorney can properly guide you through the process, allowing you to have your best shot at receiving compensation for your injuries.


If you believe that you have a product liability case, call our office at 800.637.8170 to speak to an attorney. We can review your case over the phone and help you begin navigating through claims process.

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