Failure To Inspect Farm Tractor Leads To Fatality

We recently highlighted an accident in which an Ohio farm worker was found drowned in a lagoon when his tractor overturned with him trapped. This accident prompted us to write an article about the importance of tractor safety and how it can prevent the death of farm workers.

In addition to the useful material we covered in the tractor safety article, we also wanted to share the importance of inspecting farm tractors. Below you will find a list provided by the National Safety Council that covers the issues of inspection in regards to the operation of farm tractors.

Inspection of Farm Tractors

  • Are Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belts used? – these regulations should be enforced on farm equipment.
  • Is a PTO master shield in place?
  • Is the operator’s platform clear of debris – something that both the farm workers and the management must call attention to. Instituting rules that help to provide safety among workers is critical.
  • Is a reflective “Slow Moving Vehicle” emblem posted? – the farm owner or manager should ensure that proper signage and emblems are posted.
  • Are lights and flashers operational? –no equipment that is not functional should be used by employees.
  • Are tires properly inflated? – there should be protocol to ensure that safety measures are taken in regards to equipment.
  • Is the hydraulics free from leaks?
  • Is a 20 lb. “ABC” fire extinguisher in place? – all safety equipment should be provided by the farm owner.
  • Is a fully equipped first aid kit on the tractor? – ensuring that in the event of an accident, those injured have the proper materials.

Injured on a Farm Tractor

If you have suffered injury on a farm tractor that was not properly maintained, or you did not have the safety equipment necessary, call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. We will discuss the accident that caused your injuries and help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

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